[Kallor] writes music of unaffected emotional directness. Leavened with flashes of oddball humor, his works succeed in drawing in the listener - not as consumer or worshipful celebrant, but in a spirit of easygoing camaraderie.
— The New York Times

I can’t think of a better opera to become a new Halloween tradition.
— NY Observer

Kallor’s music made good use of...structure, with a score that moved briskly through a complex psychological evolution.
— Parterre Box

The cumulative effect of Mr. Kallor’s opera was almost too intense...one could not help think of the weight of the earth around the stone crypt and wonder if the spirits of those interred at this site might be listening
— Superconductor

[Kallor] mesmerizes until he terrifies.
— Berkshire Fine Arts

There were two curtain-raisers that gave us a flavor of Mr. Kallor’s writing style...[an] ear-tickling melding of classical and jazz styles.
— Voce di meche