I suggest listening to the music samples in the following order:

1. A Single Noon

(solo piano SUITE)

Start with these two contrasting movements:

1. Broken Sentences (2nd movement) - there's an open improvisation section towards the end of the movement.

Here's a music video:

2. Here Now (9th movement) - the final movement leads the suite's main theme through a harmonic catharsis that culminates in an open improvisation, from which the theme quietly emerges as a coda to the suite.

You can download each movement of the entire suite here:


(cello and piano)

The contrasting first and second movements give a good sense of the piece.

You can download each movement (including the 3rd movement) here:

And here's a live performance video of the entire piece:

The 2nd movement starts at 4:35.

The 3rd movement starts at 10:48.

3. The Tell-Tale Heart

(soprano, cello, and piano)

This is a one-movement chamber opera.

You can download the mp3 and score here:

But it's more fun to watch the live performance video of Melody Moore, Joshua Roman, and me.

The whole piece is about 24 minutes, but you can get a good sense of the drama in this section: 12:38-18:12.