Gregg Kallor, piano


A SINGLE NOON is a musical tableau of life in New York City told through a combination of composed music and improvisation. The nine movements are meant to be evocative snapshots - moments of caffeinated bliss, embarrassing subway mishaps, the buzzing energy of a city driven by dynamic, thoughtful, talented, and slightly crazy people.


  1. A Single Noon
  2. Broken Sentences
  3. Night
  4. Straphanger's Lurch
  5. Found
  6. Espresso Nirvana
  7. Giants
  8. Things to Come
  9. Here Now

Broken Sentences

88 pianos. 5 boroughs. 1 crazy idea.

Espresso Nirvana

an ode to caffeine

"A pianist and composer who deftly balances modern-classical and jazz-inspired impulses in his handsomely constructed, approachable and engaging works."

— Time Out New York


"A SINGLE NOON is the work of an extraordinary pianist, a composer of great distinction and a true conceptualist... this ambitious and unique suite takes us somewhere that is very deeply heartfelt and dazzlingly executed. This is 21st-century music that has clearly absorbed the past and looks to a bright and borderless musical future."

— Fred Hersch, GRAMMY®-nominated pianist and composer


"If Gregg Kallor The Composer was clearly inspired, Gregg Kallor The Pianist was equally apt at impeccably mixing sharp classical exactness with debonair jazz coolness. It is probably a safe bet to assume that A Single Noon was premiered at Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall in 2011 primarily due to its solidly classical pedigree, but this totally engrossing "tableau of life in New York City" could easily headline The Village Vanguard too."

— Classical Music Rocks


"The entire album resonates with the contrasting energies and vibes of the city, from the sun breaking over the park in the morning, to subway journeys and sidewalk strolls, caffeine-fueled conversations, and mellow evenings. Played with technical assurance, dramatic flair and sensitively nuanced shadings, Kallor subtly blurs the edges between improvisation and composed sections, classical and jazz, to provide a haunting and vivid portrait of "a life in the day" of the buzzing metropolis."

— The Cross-Eyed Pianist


"Kallor's compositions and his touch are absolutely exquisite. The word "refinement" keeps coming to mind, and it is a refinement touched with imagination, verve and vision. Gregg Kallor, with this New York suite, A Single Noon, has crafted a compelling and beautiful work of art."

— All About Jazz


"[A SINGLE NOON] is a thoroughly inspired creation. The more I listen... the more I sense that Kallor is a rare talent."

— Classical.net


"Gregg Kallor is one of the bright stars on the horizon. Both his versatility as player and genius as composer are enough to get sophisticated music enthusiasts salivating for more."

— Jazz Times


"[A Single Noon] achieves a passionate urgency coupled with unexpected moments of peace, a true emulation of the fast-paced lifestyle New Yorkers lead. His tracks "Espresso Nirvana" and "Things to Come" are perfect examples, revealing Kallor's appetite for quickness while also showing off his flawless technique."

— Downtown Magazine