A Single Noon Exhilaration - Dickinson and Yeats Songs There's a Rhythm

Exhilaration - Dickinson and Yeats Songs

Exhilaration - Dickinson and Yeats Songs (2008)
Adriana Zabala, mezzo-soprano
Gregg Kallor, piano

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EXHILARATION - DICKINSON AND YEATS SONGS is the premiere recording of composer Gregg's acclaimed song-cycles of poems by Emily Dickinson and William Butler Yeats, sung by mezzo-soprano Adriana Zabala. Kallor and Zabala premiered "Exhilaration" and "Yeats Songs" at Carnegie Hall in 2007. The album also features Kallor's setting of Christina Rossetti's poem "Song" and a "Lullaby" with lyrics by GRAMMY® winner Herschel Garfein.

  1. Song (poem by Christina Rossetti)

  2. Yeats Songs (poems by W.B. Yeats)
  3. Ribh in Ecstasy
  4. He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven
  5. A Coat
  6. The Lady's First Song
  7. A Drunken Man's Praise of Sobriety

  8. Exhilaration (poems by Emily Dickinson)
  9. Exhilaration is the Breeze
  10. It bloomed and dropt, a Single Noon -
  11. Bee! I'm expecting you!
  12. We Cover Thee - Sweet Face -
  13. Wild Nights - Wild Nights!
  14. What Inn is this
  15. I should not dare to leave my friend
  16. Still own thee - still thou art -
  17. Exhilaration - is within -

  18. Lullaby

Kallor knows how to make these words sing, and Zabala gives perfect flight to them."
Opera News
[These songs] are simply beautiful and poignant works that I hope more people hear... Well crafted? Definitely. Entertaining? Yes. Well performed? Absolutely. Lyrical? You bet.”
Gregg Kallor is a splendid writer of songs. You find in his Yeats and Dickinson settings the virtues you look for in songs new or old but rarely find in such abundance: a fine-tuned ear, able writing for the voice, great imagination in piano color and texture, and steady sensitivity to the poetry. Most impressive of all, to my ears anyway, Kallor writes songs in which the voice part is the prime focus, partly because he is a true melodist (a rare quality always, more so in the last fifty years), equally because the vocal lines are distinctive and expressive and closely knit to the harmony. Sensitivity, subtlety, and consistency--these are his kind of qualities, and they’re ones we need. So is beauty, and when you’ve heard Kallor’s songs that’s generally the first word that comes to mind."
— Jan Swafford, author of "Johannes Brahms: A Biography" and "Charles Ives: A Life With Music"
There's something very natural about these pieces - I got the impression that the music that's on the disc has always existed."
— Steve Staruch, Minnesota Public Radio
Kallor is clearly a gifted composer who handles the demands of the genre with considerable fluency and nuance... each [song] is sensitively wrought, without a false, shallow, or meaningless gesture, while revealing subtle relationships to the text."
Fanfare Magazine
Anyone lucky enough to experience a Kallor-Zabala performance leaves the classroom or the concert hall with a newfound or renewed love of poetry."
The Emily Dickinson International Society Bulletin

There's a Rhythm

There's A Rhythm (2002)
Gregg Kallor, piano
Chris Van Voorst Van Beest, bass
Kendrick Scott, drums

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THERE'S A RHYTHM features Gregg's original compositions and arrangements for his trio with bassist Chris Van Voorst Van Beest and drummer Kendrick Scott.

  1. The Voice of Reason
  2. On Green Dolphin Street
  3. There's A Rhythm
  4. Double Down
  5. Every Time We Say Goodbye
  6. 255
  7. Lost
  8. So In Love
  9. You're My Everything
  10. Coral Peak
  11. The Last Word
  12. 255 (reprise)

Kallor is a lyrical player whose love for and training in classical music adds depth to his jazz playing and composing. His tone is clear and bright, and he is able to improvise thematically with an overall sense of structure… Kallor can carry a poetic mood right to the edge of sorrow, always sounding lyrical and moving without ever slipping into the lachrymose."
The Hartford Courant
Kallor's playing and composing are distinguished by pungent harmonic choices, swinging rhythms, a singing sound and graceful legato phrasing... Kallor's eclectic approach fits nicely in today's New York, where a new generation of performers and listeners seem intent on breaking down the old divisions between genres."
The New Orleans Times-Picayune
It's reassuring to know that the future of modern mainstream jazz is in the capable hands of such young and accomplished players as Kallor."
All About Jazz

A Single Noon

A Single Noon (2013)
Gregg Kallor, piano

Now available on Amazon and iTunes!

A SINGLE NOON is a musical tableau of life in New York City. The nine movements are meant to be evocative snapshots - moments of caffeinated bliss, embarrassing subway mishaps, the buzzing energy of a city driven by dynamic, thoughtful, talented, and slightly crazy people.

  1. A Single Noon
  2. Broken Sentences
  3. Night
  4. Straphanger's Lurch
  5. Found
  6. Espresso Nirvana
  7. Giants
  8. Things to Come
  9. Here Now

A pianist and composer who deftly balances modern-classical and jazz-inspired impulses in his handsomely constructed, approachable and engaging works."
Time Out New York
A SINGLE NOON is the work of an extraordinary pianist, a composer of great distinction and a true conceptualist... this ambitious and unique suite takes us somewhere that is very deeply heartfelt and dazzlingly executed. This is 21st-century music that has clearly absorbed the past and looks to a bright and borderless musical future."
— Fred Hersch, pianist and composer
If Gregg Kallor The Composer was clearly inspired, Gregg Kallor The Pianist was equally apt at impeccably mixing sharp classical exactness with debonair jazz coolness. It is probably a safe bet to assume that A Single Noon was premiered at Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall in 2011 primarily due to its solidly classical pedigree, but this totally engrossing "tableau of life in New York City" could easily headline The Village Vanguard too."
Classical Music Rocks
The entire album resonates with the contrasting energies and vibes of the city, from the sun breaking over the park in the morning, to subway journeys and sidewalk strolls, caffeine-fueled conversations, and mellow evenings. Played with technical assurance, dramatic flair and sensitively nuanced shadings, Kallor subtly blurs the edges between improvisation and composed sections, classical and jazz, to provide a haunting and vivid portrait of "a life in the day" of the buzzing metropolis."
The Cross-Eyed Pianist
Kallor's compositions and his touch are absolutely exquisite. The word "refinement" keeps coming to mind, and it is a refinement touched with imagination, verve and vision. Gregg Kallor, with this New York suite, A Single Noon, has crafted a compelling and beautiful work of art."
All About Jazz
[A SINGLE NOON] is a thoroughly inspired creation. The more I listen... the more I sense that Kallor is a rare talent."
Gregg Kallor is one of the bright stars on the horizon. Both his versatility as player and genius as composer are enough to get sophisticated music enthusiasts salivating for more."
[A Single Noon] achieves a passionate urgency coupled with unexpected moments of peace, a true emulation of the fast-paced lifestyle New Yorkers lead. His tracks "Espresso Nirvana" and "Things to Come" are perfect examples, revealing Kallor's appetite for quickness while also showing off his flawless technique."
Downtown Magazine