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The Tell-Tale Heart

Track List:

  1. The Tell-Tale Heart (Edgar Allan Poe)

  2. But Not To Me (Sara Teasdale)

  3. The Mermaid (William Butler Yeats)

  4. Little Elegy (Elinor Wylie)

  5. A Man Said to the Universe (Stephen Crane)

  6. In the desert (Stephen Crane)

  7. I saw a man pursuing the horizon (Stephen Crane)

  8. Think as I think (Stephen Crane)

  9. The Wind (Sara Teasdale)

  10. When You Are Old (William Butler Yeats)

  11. A Prayer (Clementine Von Radics)

  12. Warm Summer Sun (Robert Richardson/Mark Twain)

all music composed by Gregg Kallor

The Tell-Tale Heart is the premiere recording of American composer Gregg Kallor’s acclaimed adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's chilling short story, performed by the composer with soprano Melody Moore and cellist Joshua Roman, recorded by GRAMMY®-winning producer Adam Abeshouse. A celebration of music and literature, the album also features the first recording of Kallor’s eleven new song-settings of poems by Sara Teasdale, Elinor Wylie, Stephen Crane, Mark Twain, William Butler Yeats, as well as the young phenomenon Clementine Von Radics' "A Prayer," which Moore premiered at Carnegie Hall in 2016.


Melody Moore, soprano

Gregg Kallor, piano

Joshua Roman, cello (The Tell-Tale Heart)


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produced by Adam Abeshouse


"I can't think of a better opera to become a new Halloween tradition."

–James Jorden, The New York Observer


"[Kallor] writes music of unaffected emotional directness. Leavened with flashes of oddball humor, his works succeed in drawing in the listener - not as consumer or worshipful celebrant, but in a spirit of easygoing camaraderie."

—Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, The New York Times

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"Just in time for Halloween, The Crypt Sessions, in collaboration with On Site Opera, came through with the hair-raising world premiere of Gregg Kallor's musical monodrama The Tell-Tale Heart, based on Edgar Allan Poe's classic chiller.

Kallor's vocal writing was refreshingly gracious and intelligible... allowing moments of lyricism, as well as providing hints for dramatic emphasis."

-Joanne Sydney Lessner, Opera News

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"Kallor mesmerizes until he terrifies."

–Susan Hall, Berkshire Fine Arts