Gregg Kallor, piano  • Joshua Roman, cello  •  Miranda Cuckson, violin

music by Gregg Kallor

  1. Undercurrent - cello and piano                                        (three movements)
  2. Short Stories - violin and piano
    1. Faces and Names
    2. A Kept Promise
    3. Sticks and Stones
  3. A Fevered Dream - cello, violin, and piano
    1. Dirty Little Secret
    2. Blink
    3. Things Unsaid
    4. Whispers
    5. Afterwards
  4. A Single Noon - cello and piano
  5. A Drunken Man's Praise of Sobriety - violin and piano


All music composed by Gregg Kallor


Gregg Kallor, piano

Joshua Roman, cello

Miranda Cuckson, violin


Produced by Adam Abeshouse

Recorded at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York City in June, 2016

SubCulture NY presented an evening of my chamber music in June 2015: Undercurrent with cellist Joshua Roman; Short Stories with violinist Miranda Cuckson; and we premiered A Fevered Dream, a five-movement piece for trio that SubCulture commissioned me to compose for the occasion. I've found incredible musical partners in Joshua and Miranda - it's a total blast collaborating with them, and I can't imagine more compelling musicians to record this music with me.

This album is very meaningful for me because it strengthens the link to my beloved grandmother, who was a violinist. Her parents bought a piano for her sixteenth birthday so that she and her sister, a cellist, could play chamber music with friends - that was the instrument on which I learned to play. I grew up six blocks from my grandparents and saw them most days of the week. They came to every concert I gave, always sitting right in front (always arriving super early to snag that prime real estate). They never got to hear this music, but I feel their presence very strongly when I play it.


"At home in both jazz and classical forms, [Kallor] writes music of unaffected emotional directness. Leavened with flashes of oddball humor, his works succeed in drawing in the listener - not as consumer or worshipful celebrant, but in a spirit of easygoing camaraderie."

"Mr. Kallor shared the stage with the violinist Miranda Cuckson and the cellist Joshua Roman in a program of chamber music that showed a strong vocal quality in Mr. Kallor's writing for strings... lyrical passages that combined a suave melodic line with a hunt of subcutaneous sadness. These moments brought out the rich sweetness of Mr. Roman's effortlessly expressive tone."

–Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim

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          Opera News 

"[Kallor's' intricate cello sonata, Undercurrent, [was] executed with passionate intensity by cellist Joshua Roman."

–Joanne Sydney Lessner

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Berkshire Fine Arts 

"It is said that Kallor's writing is 'emotional', but this does not adequately describe his use of dynamics, musical dialogue and lovely chimes constructed with deeply disturbing tones, often miraculously drawn by Roman from his instrument." 

–Susan Hall

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Super Conductor

"[Undercurrent] started simply, as a friendly dialogue between the instruments. It grew more heated, with pianist and cellist interrupting, arguing and finally trying to express themselves simultaneously... In other words, it was a classic portrayal of a conversation between two New Yorkers."

–Paul Pelkonen