Instrumentation: voice and piano

Poem by: Sara Teasdale

Duration: 5 minutes

Composed: 2015

Commissioned by: SubCulture Arts Underground, New York

Premiere: April 28, 2015 by Adriana Zabala (mezzo-soprano) and Gregg Kallor at SubCulture New York

Sara Teasdale’s poem is a perfect expression of the pain of unrequited love. There is great beauty in its quiet resignation – all the more poignant because it’s so gently stated.

The April night is still and sweet
With flowers on every tree; 
Peace comes to them on quiet feet, 
But not to me.

My peace is hidden in his breast
Where I shall never be; 
Love comes to-night to all the rest, 
But not to me.

Recordings of But Not To Me: