Instrumentation: voice and piano

Poem by: Robert Richardson, adapted by Mark Twain

Duration: 2 minutes

Composed: 2015

Commissioned by: SubCulture Arts Underground, New York

Premiere: April 28, 2015 by Matthew Worth (baritone), Adriana Zabala (mezzo-soprano) and Gregg Kallor at SubCulture New York

Warm Summer Sun is a setting of Mark Twain’s adaptation of the final stanza of Robert Richardson’s Annette, which Twain transformed into a beautiful lullaby for the headstone of his recently deceased daughter.

Warm summer sun, 
Shine kindly here, 
Warm southern wind, 
Blow softly here. 
Green sod above, 
Lie light, lie light. 
Good night, dear heart, 
Good night, good night.

Recordings of Warm Summer Sun: