Mouthful of Forevers

3-movement suite for string orchestra

Commissioned by Town Hall Seattle

Premiere: June 21, 2017 by the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Joshua Roman at Town Hall Seattle

Joshua Roman and I have premiered two of my pieces together (A Fevered Dream, and The Tell-Tale Heart), and we recently recorded an album of my chamber music. He brings the perfect blend of soaring lyricism and heart-pounding drive to every phrase, and he really gets my music - the language, the rhythm, the feel. I was thrilled and honored when Joshua asked me to compose a piece for the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra to premiere at Town Hall Seattle, and I wanted to write something both lithe and lush - evocative vignettes with the grooving rhythms and shifting moods that Joshua navigates so beautifully. I'm so grateful to Joshua for believing in my music - he's a great champion and a great friend.

"Mouthful of Forevers" is an exquisite/heartbreaking/perfect poem by Clementine Von Radics that slays me every time I read it.