cello and piano

3 movements, approx. 15 minutes

Live performance at SubCulture with cellist Joshua Roman:

The 2nd movement starts at 4:35.

The 3rd movement starts at 10:48.

You can download a studio recording of the piece here:


Voice and Piano

These recordings with mezzo-soprano Adriana Zabala are from the album, Exhilaration - Dickinson and Yeats Songs (2008). Emily Dickinson once asked, "Do I paint it natural?" I have tried to preserve, as much as possible, the unique voice of these extraordinary poets. I hope these songs paint it natural.

You can download the album here:

A Single Noon

solo piano suite

9 movements, approx. 45 minutes

A Single Noon is a tableau of life in New York City told through a combination of composed music and improvisation. The nine movements are meant to be evocative snapshots - moments of caffeinated bliss, embarrassing subway mishaps, the buzzing energy of a city driven by dynamic, thoughtful, talented, and slightly crazy people.

Broken Sentences (2nd movement) - this video features 88 artist-designed pianos that Sing For Hope temporarily placed in public spaces around NYC, where anyone could play them. I did. A lot.

Found (5th movement) is the Central Park of the suite.

Espresso Nirvana (6th movement) is my ode to caffeine.

You can download the entire suite here: