A Fevered Dream

Instrumentation: violin, cello, and piano

Duration: 23 minutes

Composed: 2015

Commissioned by: SubCulture Arts Underground, New York

Premiere: June 11, 2015 by Miranda Cuckson (violin), Joshua Roman (cello), and Gregg Kallor (piano) at SubCulture NYC

The title of this piece comes from Edgar Lee Masters' breathless poem, "Love is a madness," and the five movements weave through the intoxication of falling in love and the searing pain of love crumbling. Masters tells us, "The beginning and the end are devoid of speech." But not of music.

A Fevered Dream:

  1. Dirty Little Secret

  2. Blink

  3. Things Unsaid

  4. Whispers

  5. Afterwards