Instrumentation: solo piano

Duration: 45 minutes

Composed: 2010

Premiere: April 20, 2011 by Gregg Kallor at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City

 A Single Noon is a tableau of life in New York City told through a combination of composed music and improvisation. The nine movements are meant to be evocative snapshots – moments of caffeinated bliss, embarrassing subway mishaps, the buzzing energy of a city driven by dynamic, thoughtful, talented, and slightly crazy people.

NOTE TO PIANISTS: The interplay of freedom and structure is something I think about a lot. I strive to write music that can breathe in performance – specific enough to say something, dynamic and flexible enough to allow a musician to make it her own. In my own playing, improvisation keeps me on my toes by focusing my ears and deepening my engagement with the music. In A Single Noon, improvisation is integrated throughout the suite as a way for pianists to stretch the musical fabric. Since not all pianists are comfortable improvising, it was important for me to find a way to make the sections for improvisation optional, sort of like scenic detours on a highway; the musical narrative won’t be compromised if you stick to the paved road, so to speak – you’ll just arrive a little sooner.

A Single Noon:

  1. A Single Noon

  2. Broken Sentences

  3. Night

  4. Straphanger's Lurch

  5. Found

  6. Espresso Nirvana

  7. Giants

  8. Things to Come

  9. Here Now

Recordings of A Single Noon:



88 pianos. 5 boroughs. 1 crazy idea.


an ode to caffeine


live at SubCulture NY