Instrumentation: violin and piano

Duration: 15 minutes

Composed: 2012

My maternal grandmother was a talented violinist, but she stopped playing after her mother died. By the time I was alive, her arthritis prevented her from holding the violin. Her parents bought her a baby grand piano for her sixteenth birthday so that she and her sister, a cellist, could invite friends over to play chamber music. That was the instrument on which I learned to play.

I grew up six blocks from my grandparents and saw them most days of the week. We were very close. They came to every concert I gave and always sat right in front (arriving super early to ensure snagging that prime real estate). They never got to hear this music, but I feel their presence very strongly when I play it.

I wrote Short Stories imagining my grandmother playing it, and my grandfather listening to it. She was a gentle, quiet soul he was the strongest man I've ever known. Both had a touch of mischief. They were deeply in love for nearly 63 years.

Short Stories:

  1. Faces and Names

  2. A Kept Promise

  3. Sticks and Stones